B&B PURE: Customizable Wireless Headphones That Adjust to You

No one hears the same, and that’s why the folks at BLOMM & BERGER have come up with the B&B PURE, an innovative and customizable pair of headphones that adjusts to your unique hearing profile. It also comes with lots of amazing and unique features such as a battery that offers 20 hours of playtime, and integrated charging cable, an intelligent play/pause system, and a lot more!

PURE is the worlds first customizable headphone that adapts to your unique hearing. By pairing advanced algorithms with exact hearing results we can create an incredibly accurate sound wave that is adjusted to your ears. Experience music like never before and hear the full spectrum of your sound.

At time of writing, the project has raised over $500,000 on an initial funding goal of $100,000. Shipping starts November 2018.

[B&B PURE: Customizable Wireless Headphones That Adjust to You]


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