These Toy Story Arch Enemies Light-Up Heels Are a Happy Abomination

That’s right geeks, Toy Story themed light-up heels for adults. You know you want a pair. Behold:

Made by the mad geniuses at Irregular Choice, these officially-licensed Toy Story light-up heels feature bright white LEDs on each shoe that light up when you walk and chunky heels that are composed of rotating blocks.

The right shoe features Buzz Lightyear, and the left shoe features Zurg. The outers feature an embroidered space design on sparkly blue fabric and speech bursts from our hero and the villain. But wait. There’s more! The chunky heels feature a Rubik’s-cube-style stack of rotating blocks so you can mix and match Woody, Jessie, Rex, and Buzz to your heart’s content. But wait. There’s more! They also have bright white LEDs as part of the galaxy design that light up when you walk. But wait. There’s more! There’s also button-activated audio with laser and cosmic sound effects. But wait. There’s more! No. No, there’s not. That’s enough for one pair of shoes, we’re pretty sure.

[Toy Story Arch Enemies Light-Up Heels]

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