Meet the World’s Most Advanced Video Doorbell: the Arbor Video Doorbell

If you were thinking of getting a video doorbell but were not satisfied by what is currently offered on the market, meet your new friend: The Arbor video doorbell!

A video doorbell so advanced, you don’t need special wiring, or a complicated and expensive smart home. And with easy (and secure) installation, a fast and extremely high definition picture, and a longer lasting battery (up to 1 year on a single charge,) it’s the friendliest video doorbell you can put on your door.

And for those of you who are afraid of getting their doorbell stolen, worry not: The device is hooked to a solid steel faceplate, not cheap plastic, and has a security screw that helps keep Arbor fastened to the doorframe. Also, the removal of the Arbor device will trigger both a phone alert and a physical alarm inside your home.

At time of writing, the project has already raised over $54,000 on an initial funding goal of $50,000, with over 19 days remaining to the campaign.

[The Arbor Instant Video Doorbell]