Picnic Blankets from a Galaxy Far, Far Away!

Merchoid has recently released these gorgeous picnic blankets themed after the Millennium Falcon and one of the Empire’s infamous TIE fighters. Both are officially licensed, come with a branded carry bag, feature a waterproof base, and are perfect for a lunch taken in a galaxy far, far away!

An exciting replica of the famous Millennium Falcon adapted into a comfortable picnic rug. Why not join Han Solo and Chewbacca on a new adventure to A Galaxy Far, Far Away? This realistic picnic rug is perfect for family and friends hoping to explore the Galaxy together.

As impressive and imposing as the real thing. This star fighter has been updated into a spacious and comfortable (according to many Tie Fighter pilots) picnic rug for you to enjoy at out and about, in your garden or even in the house! It may be lacking in combat shields and hyperdrive, but it makes up for it with its HD printing and exceptional manoeuvrability.

Star Wars: The Most Plentiful In The Galaxy TIE Fighter Picnic Blanket
Star Wars: The Fastest Hunk Of Rug In The Galaxy Millennium Falcon Picnic Blanket