Sideshow’s New Princess Leia Premium Format Figure is a Masterpiece! [Pics]

This new Princess Leia premium format figure is the latest 1:4 scale statue to be part of Sideshow’s Star Wars collection. Considering that yesterday was Star Wars day, it was the perfect time to launch the pre-order for this magnificent piece, which is based on Princess Leia’s appearance in A New Hope (episode IV.)

The Princess Leia Premium Format™ Figure measures 18” tall, standing on a base inspired by the events in Star Wars: A New Hope. Poised and ready with her blaster, Princess Leia embodies the strength, grace, and determination of everyone’s favorite royal rebel.

The Princess Leia Premium Format™ Figure has a lifelike portrait that has been lovingly sculpted in the indelible likeness of Carrie Fisher, complete with her iconic hair buns. As the face of hope in the galaxy, she has a courageous and regal expression befitting the self-rescuing princess.

[Princess Leia Premium Format Figure]

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