Save on The Awesome Sparkr Flip & Sparkr Wick Electric Plasma Lighters

Electric plasma lighters are really useful, and Power Practical is making some of the best plasma lighters (the Sparkr Mini, namely) available on the market today. Now, the company has a Kickstarter for two new awesome products: The Sparkr Flip & the Sparkr Wick. It’s time to ditch the disposables. Check out the intro video:

After successfully launching the original Sparkr flashlight / lighter combo last year, we’re back to introduce our latest rechargeable lighters designed completely from the ground up. Say goodbye to the fossil-fueled lighters of the past and hello to your electric future.

At time of writing, the campaign has already been successfully funded, with over $44,000 raised on an initial goal of $30,000.

[Sparkr Wick & Sparkr Flip | Electric Plasma Lighters]

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