Rick Astley Gives Awesome Performance with Choir! Choir! Choir! [Video]

From Choir! Choir! Choir!:

In March 2018, we made a video asking pop legend Rick Astley to come sing with us.
HE SHOWED UP two weeks later!!
It was even more incredible than we could have expected.
Rick looks and sounds better than ever.

He’s back in a BIG way writing and performing all new material, Slaying it all over again.
He is the real deal, and always has been.
He also challenged another musician to come sing with us,
So look for that at the end of the video…

Rick is back on tour throughout the US right now, and his band is killer,
So look out for him making his way to your town!
Now enjoy the best version of Never Gonna Give You Up EVER!

[Choir! Choir! Choir!]

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