Man Builds Giant Rideable Electric TIE Fighter [Video]

It’s a TIE fighter that can accomodate 1 passenger and can be riden around for pure enjoyment. The ship was built by Allan Carver from Hubbards, Nova Scotia, and is powered using some upcycled electric wheel chair motors. Top speed: 6 mph.

Two kinds of foam were used. L200 for the body and rigid 2″ thick insulation foam for the wings.

The motor controller was a Sabertooth dual-motor driver and worked perfectly with the RC controller. FYI, use the aileron and elevator pins.

I used a 70s Kenner toy for the wings and control pod scale, but I adjusted the width so it will fit through a set of double doors. For the back of the tie fighter, I used the toy shown in this video. It was much cleaner than the original Kenner tie fighter.

After measuring tie fighter and pilot height from the movies, it’s roughly one third the scale of a real tie fighter as depicted in the movies.

Progress on the #tiefighter. #starwars

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#tiefighter taking shape.

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Looking inside the workshop of the #empire. #tiefighter @msenese

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#tiefighter is now powered and mobile. RC works perfectly. #make @halifaxmakerspace

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#tiefighter stolen by a Rebel.

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