All the Roles You Never Knew Alan Tudyk Played

Imgur user GifFortuneTeller wrote this post in honor of Alan Tudyk and all the roles you probably never knew he played! There’s probably a couple missing from this list too! Can you name a few? Let us know in the comments section below!

Let me tell you about this beautifully underappreciated bastard, Alan Tudyk. This guy is a freaking legend and the sad part is, nobody even knows who he is. Terrible. This is a post to get him some of the credit he deserves. Here he is in his most known role, Wash from Firefly (He was a leaf on the wind.)

Oh cool, he’s Sonny from I-Robot?

What is this a hillbilly? No its Tucker from Tucker and Dale vs Evil (Shut up and go watch this right now).

Alpha from Dollhouse (Joss Whedon made this sh*t too.)

What? He’s King Candy from Wreck-It-Ralph. Sure f* is.

Green Arrow from Young Justice? Yep also all the video games, ever play Injustice?

Arrested Development’s very own Pastor Veal.

Frozen too?! Here he is as the Duke.

This suave guy is Alistair Krei from Big Hero 6 (Also go watch this. Bring the kids.)

Well whats he done recently you ask, here is as the chicken from Moana!

And of course, K-2SO from Rogue One. Seriously? What isn’t he in.

Thank you Alan Tudyk.

Thank you on behalf of us all.

[Source: GifFortuneTeller on Imgur]

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