Become Sparkly With This Twinkling Milky Way Skirt

After releasing their twinkling stars skirt a few years ago, the folks from Thinkgeek are back with a new twist on the skirt: The Twinkling Milky Way Skirt!

Our apparel buyers try to design clothing with this in mind. A cute little above-the-knee circle skirt is a always a yes (unless you live in victorian England or in a culture where head-to-toe covering is a must), but what timeless design to put on it? What about our own universe? Well, yes, it’s a little different now than it was when Homo sapiens first looked up, but 200,000 years ago they didn’t have the awesome tools we have now. This image of the Milky Way was created from data provided by the Hubble Space Telescope, the Spitzer Space Telescope, and the Chandra X-ray Observatory, and we’ve chosen to make it sparkle using 60 LED wire lights that appear violet through the fabric. With six different modes, these lights let you twinkle however you desire. Or you can turn them off and just enjoy the view. It’s a design that’s uniquely us as a species, and one that we hope is uniquely you, too.

[Twinkling Milky Way Skirt]

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