Tentacuddle Blanket: A Blanket for Lover of All Things Tentacled!

You might think that the Tentacuddle blanket is an an April Fools Prank, but it is not! Thinkgeek has released the blanket yesterday as an actual product!

Basically any trend that involves us getting more comfortable on the couch than we already are is one we can get behind. As long as getting behind it doesn’t require us to actually get up.

But you know what? We’ve had enough of mermaids. They get all the things. Sparkly sequined backpacks. Lunch boxes. Random office supplies. And, of course, those blankets that were all over social media. Our Tentacuddle Blanket is for those who are darker, who love the deep. Those who are #TeamUrsula. Those who are ready to take over the world from their underwater kingdom. Right after this next episode. *snuggles back down in betentacled blanket*

[Tentacuddle Blanket]

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