Steve Jobs Job Application Up For Auction

A Steve Jobs job application form is up for auction with an estimated sale price of more than $50,000.

The form dates from 1973 when Jobs would have been around 18. Perhaps the most ironic part is that he listed himself as not having a telephone. He was a college student at the time and thus listed no previous employment.

There’s no details of what job he was applying for, or indeed if he ever sent it. (He did get a job at Atari but that was the following year.) In something of an understatement, he said yes when asked if he had computer skills, specifying that these included “design, tech.”

The document is listed as being signed, though it appears this is actually just Jobs writing his name in the appropriate space. There are two documents autographed by Jobs in the same auction. One is a 2001 Mac OS X Administration Basics manual with an estimated sale price of $25,000+ and the other a newspaper clipping from the Palo Alto Daily Post detailing the unveiling of the iPhone 3G. The clipping is also signed by Tony Fadell, a key figure in the development of the iPod, with the seller explaining that Jobs insisted both men sign the clipping.

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