Dance of the Drunken Gods – Epic Drunken Fist vs. Praying Mantis Kung Fu Fight

From Martial Club:

The wait is finally over! If you are a fan of the old school hong kong era, you will definitely enjoy this film! This project took 7 full days of shooting in the grueling hot sun from sun up to sun down! We would like to thank everyone in our MARTIAL CLUB STUNT FAMILY who came out and suffered in the hot sun to help us capture our vision on screen. We also cannot thank our teammates from the ANDY LONG STUNT TEAM enough for their help in the post production process from color grading, dubbing, translation, subtitles, and making sure every detail of the film is as true to the era that inspired us that in can be! Of course we can’t forget all our Marital Club fans and supporters because you guys are the driving force behind all the suffering we put ourselves through to create classic Martial Arts Action! Be sure to stay tuned because we have so much more coming and so much more planned guys don’t even know!