When Somebody Texts You [Comic]

Did you know that dropping a full stop at the end of a sentence when texting can add a negative meaning to your message?

[Source: Einstein’s mama on Facebook]

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  1. That’s a bit off topic, but I have to say I like seeing you call it a full stop and not period.
    I’ve seen the trend recently to use “period” in the meaning of “end of discussion”. But “period” means nothing but a “pause”, or a fraction of time displaying some characteristical features, therefore “full stop” is much more powerful, because it allows nothing afterwards.
    It’s like… “My word matters. Full stop.” The true end of conversation.

    (Disclaimer: yes, I’m aware that “period” is one of the ways you can call that dot at the end of a sentence, and that it has been in language since ever, and that it’s not just a trend. The “trend part” refers to using it in the meaning described above. Yes, I’m aware that this kind of phrase has been around since always too, but the frequency of its usage suggests, as I’ve noticed, that it’s been kind of a trend recently, in comparison to, say, 10 years ago.)

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