Netflix To Make Choose Your Own Adventure Show For Grown-ups

Netflix is to launch a “choose your own adventure” show for adults. It follows a trial of the system for kids shows.

Both Puss In Book: Trapped In an Epic Tale and Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile allow kids to make a series of choices in branching storylines, albeit fairly simple ones with only two to four different endings.

As well as an upcoming Stretch Armstrong show, there’ll now be an adult version (though presumably not in *that* sense of ‘adult’) which will also be an experiment of the concept. This will simply be a branching storyline designed to encourage users to rewatch and see how different choices would have impacted the plot. Netflix had previously talked about using the concept in a more sophisticated manner such as a drama with a non-chronological story.

Netflix is going ahead with the adult version despite the technology not being available on all devices. Android gadgets, Apple TV, Chromecast and – most surprisingly – the Netflix website don’t support the mode. With the two kids shows, the program simply runs with a pre-selected set of choices.

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