Unico Smartbrush: Brush Your Teeth in Just 3 Seconds!

Dentists recommend that you brush your teeth after each meal, dedicating around 3 minutes each time to properly do the task. But now, thanks to the Unico Smartbrush, brushing your teeth can take as short as 3 seconds, for a total of about 10 seconds per day instead of 9 minutes. The Unico is currently up on Kickstarter and has already raised over 772 710 € on an initial funding goal of 75 000 €. And yes, they do ship the product worldwide.

Thanks to its design, Unico is able to clean all the exposed tooth surfaces at the same time, the result is that your mouth will be perfectly clean in just 1.87 seconds! We brought the total time up to 3 seconds just to give you an even more effective cleansing and to give you the time to at least quickly do your hair or spray on some perfume while you are using it.

How the Unico Smartbrush works:

1) Insert the toothpaste into the Power Unit

2) Double tap the Power Unit to start washing process and wait 3 seconds

3) Rinse your mouth and…finish!

[Unico Smartbrush: Brush Your Teeth in Just 3 Seconds!]