Cheesus Christ is Our Grate Lord


So yeah, I did not think anyone would ever release a product like this, but apparently I was wrong. The Cheesus Christ cheese grater is A REAL THING.

The Cheesus Christ Grater is a tongue-in-cheek handy cheese grater, perfect for adding those final cheesy garnishes to pasta or salad. Handily sized for use at the table, the Cheesus Christ Grater adds a touch of fun to mealtimes.

The Cheesus Christ Grater has a stainless steel plane grater with black plastic handle. It measures 23.5 cms in length and will store easily away in your kitchen drawer. The stainless steel grater has medium sized holes and is 11.5 x 6 cms. Laser etched onto the grater is an image of ‘Jesus’ from where the Cheesus Christ Grater cheekily takes its name. The black handle is both comfortable and ergonomic and won’t cause your hand to slip whilst grating. The Cheesus Christ Grater is both fun and functional and the perfect gift for anyone who is setting up home or moving into a new place.

[Cheesus Christ Cheese Grater]

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