An Auto Shop In Poland is Still Using a Commodore 64 To Run Their Shop

After getting my Vic-20 in 1980, the Commodore 64 was the second computer my parents got me. I was not even ten years old back then, and in my memory, it’s still the best computer I ever owned as a child. It can’t really compare to today’s PCs, but back then, it was also the best gaming platform someone could get.

Earlier this morning, I learned that a small auto repair shop located in Gdansk, Poland is still using a C64 to balance driveshafts, and they’ve been using it for over 25 years! It even survived a flood! According to “Retrokomp / Loaderror,” the story even caused the price of C64s to rise quite a bit on Polish auction sites.

If your car ever stops working while you’re near Gdansk, you might want to attempt to locate this place!

[Via Commodore USA]

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