DEAL: Get 2 Aukey LED Mini Flashlights for Just $8.99 (65% OFF)

We all need mini flashlight around our home, so here’s an awesome deal on a pair of Aukey LED mini flashlights. Get two Aukey LED mini flashlights for just $8.99 instead of $29.99 by using promo code EL75HD47 at checkout on Amazon.

Under 10cm (4”) long, it fits almost anywhere for easy carry and storage. Weighing just 65g (2.3oz) including battery (or 42g / 1.5oz without), it’s incredibly light to use and carry. Surprising, considering its range of features and durable design.

AUKEY LED Mini Flashlight, Ultra-Compact, Water-Resistant, Outdoor Torches with Adjustable Focus & 3 Light Modes, for Camping / Hiking / Household Use$29.99 $8.99 (Use Promo Code EL75HD47 at Checkout)

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