EOZ Air: The World’s Most Advanced True Wireless Earphones

The EOZ Air are the world’s most advanced true wireless earphones, supporting high resolution audio, bluetooth 5.0, 52 hours of playtime, instant pairing, and a USB type C connector. At time of writing, the project has already raised $394,343, over 970% of the required amount to be successfully funded, and comes from a company that has successfully kickstarted another pair of earphones in the past, the EOZ One.

The EOZ Air provides a top-shelf sound experience characterised by powerful bass, and super clear and crispy mid-highs.

The custom made 8mm electro-dynamic drivers deliver a fine tuned High Resolution Audio for a natural sound signature. Combined with the latest aptX® technology, that significantly reduces the bit rate without affecting audio quality, you get a pure wireless CD-like quality sound.

[EOZ Air: The World’s Most Advanced True Wireless Earphones]


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