Cool Tee: The Nightmare Before Empire

A fun t-shirt featuring a mashup between A Nightmare Before Christmas and Star Wars by artist Mr. Jungle. Available in sizes S to 3 XL depending on the style.

Jack was never a fan of movies because he didn’t have a TV set in his pumpkin patch, nor did he have electricity to run the set since Dr. Finkelstein’s contraptions suck up all the juice in town. But once he was able to spend some time in the human world he was finally exposed to the glory of television- and he was instantly hooked. Of particular interest were those scary space horror movies where the stars are engaged in an intergalactic war with some poor helmeted hero named Vader and his wrinkly old dad. The heroes were so rotten in those space operas that Jack did not like them at all, but dressing like Darth became a Halloween tradition from that day forward, as the Sith Lord became one of Jack’s personal heroes!

[The Nightmare Before Empire T-Shirt]

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