HOPii: Your Personal Automated Home Micro-Brewery

The HOPii seems like a really good idea: an automated home micro-brewerie that comes with kits that can be brewed at a touch of a button. The brewing process takes about 7 days, and then you can enjoy a fresh micro-brew directly out of the machine. For those of you interested, please note that the funding process is already over 600% over its initial kickstarting goal, with over $310,000 raised so far.

HOPii is a compact microbrewery system that promises to take the guesswork out of homebrewing, and it can make craft beers from all your favorite breweries. HOPii provides the brewery’s exact ingredients, and will take care of all the monitoring and let you know when your very own craft beer is ready to drink. HOPii takes around 1 week to produce 3 liters of beer.

[HOPii: Your Personal Automated Home Micro-Brewery]

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