Terry Pratchett’s Study Recreated In Museum

The contents of Terry Pratchett’s office have taken pride of place at a museum in the UK, complete with his writing desk.

The Salisbury Museum is hosting “Terry Pratchett: His World” for the next three months and includes a recreation of his study with a range of possessions from spectacles to floppy disks and personal papers placed exactly where he kept them on his desk.

The curators have taken one short cut in their drive to authenticity: they’ve used life-size photographs of the study’s walls rather than bring over his extremely full bookcases.

The study is the centrepiece of a collection of memorabilia including a Carnegie gold medal, a Discworld ring and a sword made from local iron ore that Pratchett produced to celebrate his knighthood.

The collection also includes galleries of artworks by Paul Kidby, who illustrated the books, and drawings by Pratchett himself that he produced to convey the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease.

The exhibition also includes the hard drive from Pratchett’s computer that contains 10 unfinished novels. However, it’s no longer readable as – on his instructions – it was recently crushed by a steamroller.

[Via: BBC]