Nintendo Switch News Roundup: Classic Arcade Games, DOOM and Wolfenstein, and More!

Much of the marketing for the Nintendo Switch has been around a family-friendly image, but that’s not the case with two new confirmed titles: Doom and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

Both are from Bethesda, which is turning into one of the biggest supporters of the console. That said, it doesn’t seem to be treating it as a top priority, with Wolfenstein II not coming until next year, several months after its release on other systems.

Nintendo has also announced that several classic arcade games are coming in port form, including Super Mario Bros, Clu Clu Land and Ice Climber. They’ll support two-player gaming, but it appears only locally, via the Joy-Con controllers. It’s also worth nothing these releases aren’t related to the proposed Virtual Console platform for buying old Nintendo games.

There’s other good news for Switch owners as Nintendo is patching a bug with the mobile device Switch Online app that currently supports Splatoon 2 and will eventually become a paid service supporting online play for other games. The patch fixes the problem of voice chat cutting out if the mobile device has other apps open or goes into sleep mode.