Bears vs. Babies: The Monster-Building Card Game

From the creator of Exploding Kittens, here comes Bears vs. Babies: a monster-building card game where despicable babies are attacking by land, by sea, and even by air! And who will save us from this menace? Bears of course, and other vicious monsters too… wielding nunchuck-wielding T-Rexes.

Oh no! Armies of horrible, despicable babies are attacking! They’re attacking by land, by sea, and by air! Who will save us from the infantile menace? Some magnificent, glorious bears of course, and an assortment of other monster friends that you will stitch together, beefing them up with nunchuck-wielding T-Rexs, friggin’ sweet power tools, intravenous caffeine drips, and saucy sombreros – so that they may gobble up those villainous babies, and save the day.

There’s even a NSFW expansion that’s available for purchase!

[Bears vs. Babies: The Monster-Building Card Game]

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