Apple Keynotes in a Nutshell [Pic]

Yep, that pretty much sums up all Apple keynotes I’ve seen since as long as I can remember.

500 years from now, this will be a religious ritualistic ceremony, and no one involved will have any idea what they are talking about besides the relevance to the holy and glorious Jobs.

*Audience claps.

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  1. Last year an elderly woman in my apartment complex wanted to buy an android phone. I showed her how to find reviews from actual users online so she could make a good decision as to which android phone was best for her. Two weeks later she bought an iPhone (which she loves to take pictures with). I asked why and she replied that she didn’t like all the hatred and mean-spirited trash talk against Apple she found in the reviews, while iPhone reviews were much more positive, friendly and encouraging.

    At some point android fans will have to face the fact that they are becoming the smartphone version of the alt-right.

    • Most people (on both sides) don’t have enough information on the situation and form a very strong opinion anyways. Personally I MUCH prefer android devices and there would have to be a colossal shift for that to change. There are many people out there who are very happy with their iPhones. I wish they would do a little more research before buying one as getting it because it’s cool just propagates ignorance.

      The big stat that most people use to determine which is best is by which one sells better. More iPhones are sold worldwide than any other device. More android devices are sold than iOS devices worldwide. The big difference is that iPhones are the only devices that run iOS while hundreds of different devices run android. Each side sees this as a pro for their side.

    • Apple: “We’re the best, we’re the greatest. All the features we’ve invented this year, well, you’ve never seen features like these before. You’re going to be very happy with our phone. But, we need to take back the phone industry from all these newcomers from across the boarders. They bring crime, they’re thieves, and some, I assume, are good companies. But it’s a *stolen product* and we’re going *thermonuclear war* on this! We’ve instituted a travel ban on immigrant phones to protect Americans! The ‘so called’ judge doesn’t like it… We’ll see what happens.”

      Android fans: “No. And also, here are some facts that may be relevant to your interests…”

      Apple fans: “get out of here, this is OUR message board. Open source will not replace us! Open source will not replace us!”

      If anything, we’re the smartphone equivalent of antifa, but I really think we’re just the smartphone equivalent of moderate Democrats.

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