NES Classic Returns Next Year

Nintendo is bringing back the NES Classic – but not until Summer 2018. It’s also extending supplies of the SNES Classic.

After initial batches proved nowhere close to supplying demand, Nintendo originally said it would not be making any more of the NES Classic because its resources were tied up in another project, which turned out to be the SNES Classic.

That was originally scheduled to only be shipped until the end of this year. Now Nintendo says it will be increasing the quantity shipped on launch date and will continue shipping “into 2018.” It will then resume shipments of the NES Classic “next summer.” Precise timings for both will be announced later on.

While at times it has certainly felt like Nintendo was artificially capping supply to make the product appear hot, the timeline is at least plausible for its explanation that it’s all about resources. In particular, it appears some components may be used on both mini consoles meaning that supply issues could make it difficult to manufacture both at the same time in big quanitities.

Indeed, Nintendo has spoken this week of supply chain problems also hitting the Switch, with warnings that it may not be able to meet demand. The company’s US chief noted “multiple choke points” in sourcing parts.

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