LOL: Ads for Outdated Products [Pictures]

Jeff from the very funny Pleated Jeans blog has drawn a series of funny ads selling the merits of various outdated products. I have to agree with him about the phone book being used as a booster seat since I’ve used it for the very same purpose in the past.

[Source: Plaited Jeans]


3 Responses to LOL: Ads for Outdated Products [Pictures]

  1. It hurts to see the NES getting dissed like that! Its the console that named my generation!

    Making fun of things that are holy to others hurts sometimes! Guess I have to live with it…

  2. Floppy discs aren't all useless still. You can still use them to catch peoples computer on fire…well if your that kind of mean person of course. And assuming anyone still HAS a floppy drive. I certainly don't…which annoys me because I can't play Full Throttle anymore. :(

  3. The old Nintendo kinda has saving points, though…. Remember the first Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest? I don’t know now exactly how well they worked, I’m a bit young for the original thing. But playing on emulators, I recall there was indeed an in-game saving function, and FF gave you instructions how to properly save your game anytime you’d rest at the inn. Also, I remember in Daron Quest uou had to return to your hometown anytime you’d wish to save your game.

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