Thinkgeek Now Has a Monthly Subscription Box: The Thinkgeek Capsule!

You’ve seen geeky subscription boxes around for several years on the web, but did you know that Thinkgeek now has their own geeky box? The new Thinkgeek Capsule (U.S. only for now, but other countries will be available soon!) is priced at just $29.99, including shipping and handling, and features plenty of geeky goodness delivered to your door every month. If you’re looking for a cool gift to offer to your favorite geek, the capsule is a great idea!

I’ve already received my boxes for the months of June and July, and the company is currently taking orders for August! Check out what I received during the two first months below, starting with June:

A Fallout power armor helmet bank, which was selling near the price of the whole box if I remember correctly:

Some cute pins:

A pack of playing cards:

Some Harry Potter socks:

A magical unicorn mixing pint. Please note that I did not test to see if it was truly magical.

And a card featuring a promo code that is valued between $5 and $100.

I also received a nice Zelda: Breath of the Wild t-shirt (You can see it rolled up in the picture of the box at the top,) but I somehow lost the pic, and I gave the t-shirt to my nephew.

And here’s what I got for July. The presentation of the box is pretty the same, so I’ll skip this part.

An officially-licensed D&D t-shirt and patch:

A 4th Doctor keychain, some Hulk coloring pencils, and a Saturn pin:

A very nice Star Trek travel guide that come along with four postcards:

And a Game of Thrones Targaryan canvas print:

The box also had another promo code card, offering a rebate between $5 and $100 on your next purchase on

For those interested, you can head over to to order the upcoming box for next month!

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