A First Official Look at Cable from Deadpool 2! [Pics]

Ryan Reynold has just posted this official picture of what Cable will look like in Deadpool 2 on Twitter. Behold:

And then shortly after, Cable co-creator Rob Liefeld posted this one on Instagram:

I don’t know about you guys, but I think Josh Brolin looks absolutely perfect! What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below!

2 Responses to A First Official Look at Cable from Deadpool 2! [Pics]

  1. He looks like Cable in a very superficial way. Cable is HUGE, and looks younger. You could say that is an effect of comic book aesthetics, but… well… that’s the whole point, right? On the other hand, most movies diverge a lot from their source, and we already know Domino looks nothing like Beatriz, so… If you liked the first Deadpool, I’m sure you will like the sequel. I didn’t. One curious thing to note is the teddy bear at his side. Makes me think they may incorporate something from his relationship with Hope, in order to cash from Logan’s success. Old man and little girl, yadda yadda, which would be terrible, because it was ridiculous emotion-fishing in the Wolverine movie (Children of Men and Last of Us rip-off), and couldn’t possibly be properly presented in this one, given the complexity of Messiah War/Second Coming. Hope it is just a wink and nod to comic book fans, and not an actual plot point.

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