This Voltron LEGO Concept is Now Reality!


Update: The set has now officially been put into production after receiving 10,000 votes on LEGO idea, just a little over 1 year after being submitted to the site! Be sure to check out this amazing built in the pictures below! Please note that the official version might look slightly different.

LEGO builder len_d69 created this SPECTACULAR Lion Force Voltron LEGO model, which when fully assembled becomes a 16″ tall and 2.2 lb robot! The concept is currently up on LEGO Idea, where people can vote for the set if they want it to become reality. There are currently over 2500 supporters, but the project will only be considered if it gets over 10,000 votes.




[Vote for len_d69’s LEGO Voltron on | Via Gizmodo]