BBC: Female Doctor Is Canon

The BBC has issued a formal response to people complaining about the casting of a female actor as the next incarnation of Doctor Who, pointing out that it’s already been established that Time Lords can switch gender.

The comments come as part of the BBC’s formal complaints review process in which it publicly responds on topics that have “generated significant numbers of complaints.” It said:


Some viewers contacted us unhappy that Jodie Whittaker has been cast as the new Doctor.


Since the first Doctor regenerated back in 1966, the concept of the Doctor as a constantly evolving being has been central to the programme. The continual input of fresh ideas and new voices across the cast and the writing and production teams has been key to the longevity of the series.

The Doctor is an alien from the planet Gallifrey and it has been established in the show that Time Lords can switch gender.

As the Controller of BBC Drama has said, Jodie is not just a talented actor but she has a bold and brilliant vision for her Doctor. She aced it in her audition both technically and with the powerful female life force she brings to the role. She is destined to be an utterly iconic Doctor.

We hope viewers will enjoy what we have in store for the continuation of the story.


11 Responses to BBC: Female Doctor Is Canon

  1. I’m just upset that she is the 13th Doctor (emphasis on “13”, not “she”). They need to acknowledge that the “War Doctor” was a thing (even if he was added retroactively… the reason he was skipped within the show’s continuity is now moot with series’s 9 finale), plus they should have skipped unlucky 13 and jumped up to 14.

    But I’m OK with a female Doctor, and that definitely opens up some interesting story possibilities. I’m not familiar at all with the actress, so while I’m not excited, I’m optimistic.

    But she should be the 14th Doctor, not the 13th.

  2. The BBC says “it’s canon” without one ounce of how it is canon.
    And I mean canon in the series before Moffat had anything to do with it. Houston, we still have a problem….

    • It’s the Tennant to Smith regeneration at the end of a Christmas special. “My voice. I’m a girl. I’m a girl. No.” And still he was not ginger. Haha.

  3. yes its cannon,anything written for the TV program is ,just because its cannon dose not make it right with the fans,McCoy doctor is cannon as well. star trek jj films for instance went after new viewers and forgot ,it seems to me, about the fans , by beyond the new viewers were not as many by beyond the fans were not as happy , beyond fail at the box office and no word yet of another film. the BBC might think they are be progressive and a number of groups as well but if your fans don’t tune and the new fans get bored with it and tune out who left watching this so called progressive programs ? BTW i say so called because i don’t feel by changing a gender of a character is progressive ,if anything its taken a backward step, just hope if it epic fails i hope they will not take this as a sign that the viewers don’t want a female lead program , yes just because i don’t want a female doctor dose not mean i don’t want a female lead, ghotsbuster was a epic fail and they did the same type of thing , the proof as always will be in the rating and for them who will carrying on watching i hope you enjoy the show

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