Create Happy Little Accidents With This Bob Ross Heat Change Mug

There are no mistakes, only happy accidents! An exclusive Bob Ross heat change mug by the folks at Thinkgeek:

Despite Bob’s anyone-can-do-it attitude, not all of us could actually do it – and not for lack of trying. Despite our repeated late night viewings of The Joy of Painting, our trees still tend to look more ambivalent than happy (which probably says more about our outlook on nature than Mr. Ross’s teaching skills, to be fair). But with this ThinkGeek exclusive heat change mug, you can make a landscape painting appear every time you add hot liquid. It’s even easier than, you know, actually painting! And even if you’re drinking something cold, you’ll still have Bob’s smiling face, voluminous perm and words of wisdom to keep you company. “There are no mistakes only happy accidents” – it’s a good life philosophy AND a great mantra to repeat every time you spill your tea or accidentally drink your paint water.

[Bob Ross Heat Change Mug]