Wearhaus Beam: Smart Bluetooth Earbuds With Wireless Audio Sharing Technology

After successfully launching the Wearhaus Arc in November 2014 and raising over $250,000 for the project, the team at Wearhaus are now back with a new revolutionary product: The Wearhaus Beam, a pair of smart bluetooth earbuds that feature wireless audio technology that allows you to share your music live with your friends. The earbuds can also be customized to display over over 5 million color combinations!

Other earbuds have tried, but none have gotten even close to the amount of color options we offer. With a three-color gradient and the entire color spectrum at your beck and call, there are over 5 million color combinations for you to pick, any time you want!

About the audio sharing technology:

Our patented Bluetooth technology allows multiple Wearhaus products to wirelessly sync up and listen together, no matter what audio source you use. Share your new music discoveries with your S.O., blast pump up music with your gym crew, or run on pace with your buddy.

[Wearhaus Beam: Smart Bluetooth Earbuds With Wireless Audio Sharing Technology]