Pro Costume Designer Gushes Over Perfect Wonder Woman Movie Armors

If you’ve seen Wonder Woman, I’m sure you’ve noticed how perfect the Amazons’ armors look. Costume designer Lindy Hemming received plenty of praise for her work on the movie, but to fully appreciate the level of details she has achived, be sure to check out this series of tweets by fellow costume designer Amanda Weaver.

[Via Amanda Weaver | Via FG]


3 Responses to Pro Costume Designer Gushes Over Perfect Wonder Woman Movie Armors

  1. The armor is not functional. The literal “breast plate” provides an easy entry point for a sword to slide into chest directly. All blows to the chest will be redirected directly to the middle of the chest. Not to mention that top of the chest is entirely unprotected. And the skirt isn’t functional either. If you look at roman armor its made with longer skirts that reach the knees in order to push away glancing blows and cuts and still allow for mobility and also had armored straps added. There’s nothing covering her thighs which hold major arteries. So no, its not functional armor. Its better than it used to be, but its not functional. A functional armor for a woman is a functional armor for a man as well.

    • Great point! However she is Wonder Woman. Being naturally more immune to injurries tjan ordinary human beings, an armor like that might turn to be a bit bulky for her, slowing her down and all…