Poutine Donut? YES! Poutine Donut!

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada, Canadian chain Tim Hortons will be selling what is possibly one of the most Canadian things ever: A poutine donut! The donut, which will strangely be only available in U.S. locations of the chain, will be composed of a honey donut, potato wedges, a few pieces of cheese curds, and a little poutine sauce.

A weird and disgusting mix? Yes, absolutely! Would I try it anyways? Probably… if only it would be available in Canada! On top of the donut, Tim Hortons will also be serving maple donut holes and a maple bacon iced cappuccino. Only 5 locations will be offering the full lineup though: three in the state of New York, one in Michigan, and on in Ohio.

[Picture source: Business Wire / Tim Hortons]