Xbox One X To Cost $499

Microsoft has confirmed the oddly-titled X Box One X, a new version of the console bringing increased power but with a $499 price tag in the US.

The specs unveiled clearly show Microsoft is targeting the most hardcore gamer by not only matching the PS4 Pro’s 4K display, but having more RAM (12GB to 8) and a more powerful GPU (6 teraflops to 4.12.) There’s also support for 4K Blu-ray movie discs.

The new console debuts on November 7 with a worldwide launch. It will support all Xbox One titles along with the same range of backwards-compatibility Xbox 360 titles.

It will also be able to upscale Xbox One HD titles to a 4K display. They’ll be indicated with a dedicated Xbox One X Enhanced logo and around 30 third-party titles are getting this support from launch.

Visually the X Box One X will be much the same as previous models, though slightly smaller, and available in black only at first. One big surprise is that it doesn’t appear there’ll be any virtual reality titles at launch.

International pricing is £449 in the UK, €499 in Europe, $599 in Canada and $649 in Australia.

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