Nintendo Switch Gets Netflix-Style Classics Library

Nintendo says Switch owners will be able to subscribe to a library of classic games. It’ll be an unlimited use, Netflix style setup.

The service will cost $4 a month, $8 for three months or $20 a year. As well as the classic games, the fee will cover online multiplay, though you’ll need a separate (free) smartphone app to handle the matchmaking and chat features.

The original plan for Nintendo Switch Online was to have one classic game free to play at any time, with the title changing each month. Once a game’s free month was over it would be available for an additional fee.

That didn’t get a great reception so Nintendo is now going for a full library of titles included in the subscription. At launch it will be NES games only and will include Balloon Fight, Dr Mario and Super Mario Bros among others. Nintendo is still weighing up whether to add SNES titles as well. It’s also yet to confirm how regularly titles will be added to the library and if or whether any will be removed.

[Via: Kotaku]