The Sims Coming To Mobile

The Sims is coming to iOS and Android devices – and this time it’s a full-blown version of the game.

It doesn’t appear to be a straight port of the PC version, but certainly seems to have a lot more depth than The Sims Freeplay, a 2011 mobile release which was closer to being just another variant of Farmville and the like.

The main selling point with The Sims Mobile is the legacy element, which aims to keep the game going beyond single characters. When a character retires (which is triggered by achieving career goals), they unlock “heirlooms”. These in turn open up a wider range of possible hobbies and careers for their descendants.

There’s a fairly predictable catch however. In small print in the final frame of the promotional video, EA drops the news that the game “includes in-app purchases.” There’s no word yet as to how extensive that will be or how important to get decent gameplay rather than just adding cosmetic touches. It’s certainly something to be wary off though given that the potential scope for what to buy is, well, every single item a fictional human could ever own.

The release date and app price (if any) hasn’t yet been announced.

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