10 Famous Quotes Every Gamer Should Know [Comic]

Can you guess them all? The answers are at the bottom of this post (Behind the “Read More” link below if you’re reading this from the front page)

-“KIROV REPORTING” from Red Alert 2
-“All you had to do was follow the damn train!” GTA: San Andreas
-“FUS RO DAH” Skyrim
-“Your princess is in another castle!” Super Mario
-“Heroes never die!” Overwatch
-“Wololo” Age of Empires 2
-“Hey! Listen!” – Ocarina of Time
-“Ssshhhhh…” Minecraft, every time you’ve finished building something beautiful
-“All your base are belong to us!” Zero Wing
-“…” Gordon Freeman, he actually never says anything, which is why he’s pushing around carts of hazardous materials for $4.50 an hour.

[Source: Mart Virkus – Arcade Rage Comics | Like “Arcade Rage Comics” on Facebook | Follow “Arcade Rage Comics” on Twitter]

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