Anovos to Release Official GOTG Vol. 2 Star-Lord Jacket (Pre-Order!)

Sure, there’s plenty of people selling unlicensed Star-Lord jackets online, but thanks to Anovos, you can now purchase an official “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” Star-Lord jacket replica (Pre-Order). Sure, $575 might be a little pricey, but we’re talking about a replica that was created using the original patterns from the movie here. I’ve been told that I’d make a very good Star-Lord since I apparently look similar to Chris Pratt, so I’d really love to cosplay the character using this as the main piece.

  • This jacket is made from faux leather and cotton duck fabrics topped with three types of rubberized print.
  • Jacket interior is fully lined.
  • Fabric colors are digitally color-matched to the original screen-used materials.
  • Zipper, grommets, and buckles selected to match original jacket hardware.
  • Embroidery and pattern details exactingly replicate the costume in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.

[MARVEL™: Guardians of the Galaxy™ Vol. 2 Star-Lord Jacket (Pre-order)]

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