Solid $1.4 Million Gold Darth Vader Mask On Sale

A solid gold Darth Vader mask is going up for sale in Japan to mark the movie’s 40th anniversary. It’s yours for a mere $1.4 million.

It’s the work of Ginza Tanaka, a leader Japanese jeweller, and will go on sale in its Tokyo store on… yes… May the fourth.

The mask is solid 24k gold. The company estimates that the value of the gold itself is $658,000, so you’re paying a pretty hefty mark-up for the workmanship and collectability.

It’s 30 centimeters by 26.5 centimeters, which Ginza Tanaka says matches the original used in the movies. The big downside with the design is that it weighs 33 pounds, so is impossible to wear unless you’re happy with some Admiral Ozzel-style neck pain.

The company has also produced a limited run (77 sets to mark a certain movie’s release) of three commemorative gold coins for $11,000.

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