This Star Wars Dewback Loveseat Will Let You Relax in Style [Pics]

This Star Wars Dewback sofa might not look super comfortable, but it will certainly be the highlight of the day for guests that are visiting you.

Created by Tom Spina Designs, whom we featured a few times here on GAS for his incredible work (Millennium Falcon Coffee Table, Sarlacc Pit’s coffee table,) this table is part of a new spinoff of the design studio called Regal Robot, who’s dedicated to create custom furniture. In this case, the company created a sofa shaped like a Dewback, a giant lizard from Tatooine, which we first see in “Star Wars: A New Hope.”

For those interested, the sofa costs about $10,000 plus shipping and weighs 330 pounds. Ouch.

[Custom Star Wars Dewback Loveseat | Via IO9]


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