Reebok Unveils New “Final Battle” Alien Sneakers

Last year, Reebok released a pair of Alien themed sneakers that very few people could get their hands on, and while the whole world went berserk over the shoes, the company only released them in men’s sizes… for sneakers that were originally worn by a woman.

Today, the company learned from its mistake and unveiled TWO new pair of Alien shoes with unisex sizing. Both pair are being released in a single “Final Battle” pack, one looking like a power loader, and the other one like an Alien Queen, just like the final battle in the 1986 sequel to the first movie.

The climactic clash from Aliens has inspired this highly collectible double-pack of Alien Stompers, launching on July 18th in unisex sizing.

Nice, aren’t they?

[Reebok Alien Stompers | Via IO9]

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