Outlast 2 Launch Trailer [Horror Game]

Outlast was definitely one of the scariest  games ever made, pitting you powerlessly against the many crazies who inhabited the insane asylum featured in the first game. Outlast 2 looks to up the scares of the first game by placing you against a cult of crazies who want nothing more than to see you dead. It looks genuinely scary and unsettling, with more open environments than the claustrophobic feel of the first game.

If this launch trailer is any indication of what’s in store for us with Outlast 2, Resident Evil 7 may be getting pushed out of “scariest game” position already, only a few months after it came out.

Outlast 2 is being released digitally on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and if you want the physical version, you’ll need to get Outlast Trinity, which features all Outlast games released so far.