I’m Flying: When Star Wars Meets Titanic [T-Shirt]

The “I’m Flying” T-Shirt From the Neatoshop:

Darth never got to spend quality time with his own kids, so when he suddenly appeared in the mind of the young Sith Kylo Ren he decided to make the most of it and show that twisted kid how to live like there’s no tomorrow. First he booked a cruise for them so they could sail through the stars and get to know each other better, then he let Kylo draw him like one of those French girls you see on the old postcards. And then he took Kylo out on the bridge of the ship to show him how beautiful the glow of war is when viewed safely from above, which made Kylo’s spirit soar as he stretched out his arms and declared “I’m flying…”

[“I’m Flying” T-Shirt]

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