Perfect for the Beaches of Scarif: Star Wars Space Board Shorts (And Mass Effect N7 Board Shorts)

These awesome quick-dry board shorts feature watercolor art of a Rebel/Imperial dogfight and are just the perfect thing to wear if you ever consider hitting the beaches on pre-Rogue One Scarif.

Whether you’re swimming the lakes of Naboo, lounging poolside at one of fashionable pools on Coruscant, or soaking up the rays of the twin suns on Tatooine (with double sunscreen on, of course), a pair of Star Wars Space Board Shorts suit any occasion. With a subtle design – a digital print of a watercolor depiction of Rebel and Imperial ships engaged in a dogfight – you won’t be broadcasting to the entire galaxy that you’re wearing Star Wars shorts. They are elegant shorts, for a more civilized swim time.

Oh, and if you’re into Mass Effect, they also have some N7 board shorts:

[Star Wars Space Board Shorts | Mass Effect N7 Board Shorts]

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