Do NOT Judge a Book by its Cover: An Important Lesson from Silent Bob

Just stumbled on this on reddit, and I just had to share it with you guys. An important lesson from Kevin Smith a.k.a. Silent bob:

I am a profiling asshole. Here's how I know: yesterday, I was traveling to #iowacity with a layover at the sprawling #Dallas airport. I had an hour to kill before my next flight, so I rolled up on a crowded @pappasitos and asked for a table for one. The hostess seated me next to an older couple who quietly sat across from one another. Based on nothing more than a one second observation, I clocked them as a pair of white hairs who'd been married so long that they'd run out of shit to talk to each other about while eating at a restaurant. I ordered fajitas and put in my earbuds, checking emails and listening to #digitalunderground until the food arrived. Then, as I was about to eat, I felt a tap on my arm. I pulled my earbuds out to hear the older man say "Mr. Smith. I hate to bother you, but can I get a picture?" I was gobsmacked. Here I was reducing these folks to a stereotype, but they were only being quiet because they were like "Holy shit… it's Silent Bob.." We talked all through our meals and I learned that Marty & Patti Hansen of #oklahoma knew a good deal of my work, turned onto it by their son. They were such lovely folks that when the check came, I thought "I'm gonna rock their tiny white-haired world by paying for their meal." But no check came for me – because THEY bought MY meal. I was double gobsmacked, then gobsmacked a third time when I realized that even after I'd met and spoke with the Hansens, I was still profiling these fine folks by assuming I'd impress them if I picked up their tab. But in the end, Marty & Patty made an impression on me, as well as reminded me not to judge any book by the cover. Plus: free #fajitas! #KevinSmith

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