Free eBook: Linux – Embedded Development ($63 Value) FREE For a Limited Time

For today’s free ebook, we’re offering you Linux – Embedded Development (a $63 Value) for FREE!

Leverage the power of Linux to develop captivating and powerful embedded Linux projects.

What You Will Learn:

  • Use the Yocto Project in the embedded Linux development process
  • Get familiar with and customize the bootloader for a board
  • Discover more about real-time layer, security, virtualization, CGL, and LSB
  • See development workflows for the U-Boot and the Linux kernel, including debugging and optimization
  • Understand the open source licensing requirements and how to comply with them when cohabiting with proprietary programs
  • Optimize your production systems by reducing the size of both the Linux kernel and root filesystems
  • Understand device trees and make changes to accommodate new hardware on your device
  • Design and write multi-threaded applications using POSIX threads
  • Measure real-time latencies and tune the Linux kernel to minimize them

[Free eBook: Linux – Embedded Development ($63 Value) FREE For a Limited Time]

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