Who Saw the Secret “Rick and Morty” Season 3 Premiere on April Fool’s Day?

So how many of you caught the SECRET, troll-esque but real premier of Rick and Morty season 3 on Saturday? We did. Should have just trusted the internet this ONE TIME and clicked the link, it was fantastic and finding out that Jerry (censored for spoilers) was insane. Seems Rick and Morty has some real changes in store this season.

Too bad they were ONLY running it on April Fool’s Day (and for real, as the screencap from the episode above and below can show you). He is screaming about nugget sauce, I shall not say anymore than that so as to spare you spoilers but it was typical Rick and Morty madness and magic.

If you missed it, well, you can always watch the amazing Total Rickall episode again. Or better yet, play the game based on that stellar episode! Either way, you missed something very schwifty.

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